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Newark and Southwell Methodist Circuit 

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Our Worship

Methodist worship is quite varied but it will usually include

  • enthusiastic singing of hymns and songs - both old and new
  • readings from the Bible
  • a sermon or talk to help people understand the Bible, its message and meaning for us today
  • heartfelt prayers which relate to what is going on in the world

 Some of our services include Holy Communion when everyone is invited to share in bread and wine in memory of God's love shown to us all in the death of Jesus.

 There are a number of people who may be involved in leading worship

  • Ministers - these are people, both women and men, who have been ordained and whose primary task is to lead people in worship, preach and preside at Holy Communion
  • Local Preachers - these are people to have been trained and commissioned to lead worship and to preach
  • Worship Leaders - these are people who work alongside Ministers and Local Preachers and who share in the preparation and leading of worship

 The main purpose of our worship is to give glory and honour to God who we believe to be the source of all life and of all that is good.

As Christians, we worship God especially for his gift to us of Jesus Christ in whose life, words, death and resurrection we see God's love most clearly revealed.

The Holy Spirit helps us to worship God sincerely and takes us beyond ourselves into a closer friendship with God.

 Whilst our worship isn't primarily about making us feel good, there is always a sense in which we feel more fulfilled and are helped to get life into perspective when we spend time in the presence of God through worship.